No Big Deal - Audiophiles May Cringe

by wldrns1 - 3/11/09 2:49 PM

In Reply to: computer speakers to tv by 313 trainman

If you have a CABLE BOX and if so equipped, plug your PC speakers in the RCA type Audio Out jacks. See Radio Shack for adapters if needed. I'm using this setup. Works fine for my current needs. Note if you go from a HDTV SET Audio Out, you may not be able to control the VOLUME as the Aud Out from TV may be fixed. My cable box has a setting for Audio called VARIABLE which is used for volume control via the Cable Box. (For the limited DVD watching I do, I use the TV speakers..good enough for now & don't have to switch cables). My actual setup goes from Cable Box to an old mechanical slide EQ then from EQ to PC speakers. For what it's worth people comment how 'good the TV sounds'. The PC speakers add a bit of fidelity but it's the subtle punch from the sub I'm sure there 'hearing'.