Jeep Grand Cherokee phantom electrical problems

by Mkotaich - 3/11/09 12:05 PM

In Reply to: Relay TSB's and recalls by Cat5 Cane

Just like so many Jeep Cherokee electrical problems on here it seems that our 2000 Grand Cherokee is also posessed. The car will turn over but will not start. The all too common failure is: while driving all instrument panel gauges go crazy then the car stalls as if starving for fuel then it completely dies. It will turn over but will not run. We found that by repalcing fuse #12 (right side, under dash board, red 10 amps) is blown and is not easy to get to unless you remove the panel. Replaced it and the car runs fine for a couple of days then the fuse is blown again. So far, we have repalced the following and nothing seems to fix the problem:

1- Battery and terminals

2- Starter

3- Fuel pump (twice!!)

4- Control Module (ouch... that one was very expensive)

5- All fuses and electrical relays in the power distribution box (the one in the engine compartment).

6- Ground wires were all inspected and verified as clean and making good contact.

The car has been to several "electrical specialists". None has been able to pin point the fault.

So, unless someone suggests another method, or knows how to fix the darn thing, am gonna shoot it and put it out of its misery. so please help; and oh please mail me directly if you have any suggestions thank you