by joncole818 - 2/4/09 5:06 AM

In Reply to: Me too by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff

So I left the power cord in and the power light kept clicking back and forth until after about 5 minutes, it turned on.

So i leave the TV on overnight. I finaly got the tech to come back out. He comes out, turns it off and on over and over and the tv WORKS PERFECTLY.

This morning, ITS HAPPENING ALL OVER AGAIN. THE NEXT DAY. This time, the power light lights up and clicks sporadicaly. The light never does that blinking thing before the TV turns on. It just goes solid one click, and off the next click. I'VE NEVER PHYSICALLY TOUCHED THE TV SINCE THE REPAIR GUY. I used the remote power button this morning.

I'M SO SICK OF IT!. I've totaly lost my faith in Samsung!

POS - LNT4042H!