Yes... there are 2 computers

Per your question... yes there are 2 computers...One is the PCM or ECM same computer and then there is a BCM, Body Control Modual, which controls guages and power seats, power windows, etc.
just for kicks... add Gas cleaner to gas... It cleans injectors and it helped me.

Suggest to read old post below and contact G Concepcion... Send him a reply to his post and maybe he'll respond, as to what he found and what was wrong.

by gconcepcion - 8/24/08 8:30 PM
update, stalling still fixed, but having other minor problem

Just an update, it's been almost 2 weeks since I installed the remanufactured computer and everything is still running strong! Not even a hint at stalling!

However, i'm having weird problems with my gas gauge reading "Empty" when I first turn the car on despite having a full tank. If I turn the car off, and turn it back on, it will go back to normal and accurately tell me how much gas is left. Is there a fuel gauge sensor somewhere that needs to be replaced? Any ideas?

and the passenger side air conditioning leak into the floormats has returned after my 2 year old DIY fix stopped working. It's now leaking out of another as-of-yet unidentified area so I'll have to do some hunting around under the carpets...

One thing that i've learned about owning a jeep is that once you finally think you have a problem solved, it's only a matter of time(usually short) before something else goes wrong.

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Find his post and respond but remember that the Numbers change when someone adds a post.