by hilt42811 - 1/10/09 8:45 PM

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There IS one !!!
by hilt42811 - 11/2/08 9:06 AM In reply to: Why cant anyone make an mp3 player that has AM Radio by maxtor2002

And it records radio programs !

Grundig G4 AM/FM/SW Portable Radio with MP3 and SD Player

it is on amazon at:


I don't think there is a better radio for the purpose, I have an E10
and it has taken such abuse and keeps on ticking.
I most like the fact that it uses rechargeable batteries so that I NEVER have to buy new ones..

Technical Details

* portable AM/FM /shortwave radio with MP3 playback
* 1GB embedded memory
* plays MP3 and WMA audio files
* records directly from tuner to embedded memory
* stores up to 1,000 stations with 4-character station naming

I bought one after writing the post,, works great and
has the rechargeable batteries so no problem.