Sony Camcorder TVR310 Playback Problem Solution

by kmoll01 - 1/1/09 11:10 AM

In Reply to: Playback Problem Solution by keyhano

Well thanks to keyhano (another CNET user) who posted the 'hit your camcorder hard' solution, it actually worked for me too! I searched the internet for solutions finding a lot of 'try cleaning the heads with a cleaner tape' solutions but with no resolve until I came across keyhano's solution of 'hitting the camcorder hard or shake it while playing the tape' solution which worked! I put in a tape, pressed play, and then gave the camcorder a solid hit to the bottom of the camcorder with the butt of my hand. I guess sometimes camcorders need a 'little discipline' (spanking)! <grin> Anyway, I wanted to post this because I found so many other people who did not find solutions that I felt compelled to confirm keyhano's solution as a viable solution and no cost! I hope it works for you.