Sony EW, Phillips EW & Mack EW

I got the Sony EW on both my Sony tv's, the 1st one was $99 for 3 years & did have to use it (HD CRT).
the 2nd I got for $150 for 5 years & will be using when spring comes... I got a green blob on my SXRD.

2 Phillips EW... one for a Samsung LCD, & of course after the 3 year EW the HDMI port broke sad
2nd is on a receiver, 5 years for $99. I got the receiver from an UNauthorized dealer, so no manufacturer warranty, but I saved $300 buying from them vs. an authorized dealer.

Last is a Mack 5 year EW for $80 for a Canon 450d DSLR, I got this one from an authorized dealer.

I have never heard of DTV Express