Best Buy BS

by jsdeprey - 11/28/08 2:46 PM

In Reply to: 60hz vs 120hz by DerekNJND

Funny thing happened today when I bought a new 46" 120Hz Sharp Aquos LCD HDTV at Best Buy.
My older TV had only component inputs for I knew I was going to have to buy a HDMI cable for the connection from my cable box to my new TV.
I had a choice between a 64$ Monster HDMI cable and a 129$ Monster HDMI cable, before I even reached for the 64$ cable, the sales guy told me I would only get the 120Hz from the 129$ Monster HDMI cable.
I told him I doubted that, and he showed me that the box on the 64$ cable said 60Hz on it and the 129$ cable says 120Hz on it I still told him that sounds like marketing BS to me, and he literally got very pissed off at me, told me he knew what he was talking about etc...
I really find it hard to believe you need these high end cables like this, sure a better cable will provide a better connection and less loss especially over a long distance, but this is a 4ft cable, and its a digital signal.
Also the thing that gets me, and maybe I am wrong here, but when a TV shows 120Hz that should not mean there is more bandwidth being used between the cable box and the TV (I would think) the signal between the cable box and the TV stays the same no matter what, and like the post above, the TV will show the picture clearer at 120Hz refreshing the screen more often, and taking care of the issues with 24fps movie video etc... I do not see why you would need a better cable for a 120Hz HDTV at all.
If you go to the Monster cable website they totally do make it sound like you have to buy the 130$ bad as hell cable for 120Hz sets, and I get sick of this BS, people really need to get over these over priced cables, I was pissed I had to buy a cable for 69$ I was not going to pay 120$ for a HDMI cable.
This same sales guy tried to sell me a UPS for the TV right away, and was getting upset cause I told him I had one already, he asked if it was for a PC, I told him yes it was, and he told me that would not work they are different! so I was bought to kill this guy before the HDMI mess ever started.
Anyway, I am curious what others think about these high prices cables anyway, so speak up, what you guys think?