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by chessysailor - 11/16/08 6:23 PM

In Reply to: No, you did it. by 1996Jeep GC

I tried posting this before but wanted to make sure i got it posted in the right place. I have a 2003 Jeep GCL 4.0. At higway speeds it stalls. Not to the point where it has to be restarted. Just bad enough to have to get out of the way and come to a complete stop. After you come to a complete stop or pull of the interstate it drives fine as long as your in town. I am not getting an engine light. I hooked an OBD II to it to see if it had any saved codes and everything checked out ok. It seems to run fine on and off the interstate as long as you have over half tank of gas. It had a little less than a quarter tank of gas when this started happening. The problem seems to happen at speeds over 65 mph. I have already replaced the fuel filter and tried Lucas Injector cleaner. If you have any suggestion that might help me out I would be greatly appreciative.