Older Cameras (several brands) with bad CCD sensors.

by snapshot2 Moderator - 11/5/08 6:11 PM

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Several years ago, Sony turned out a bad batch of CCD sensors.
They were susceptible to moisture entering the CCD sensor over a long period of time.
This results in photos having drastic color changes that look like runny water colors,
In extreme cases, the images are totally black.

Sony put some of these sensors in Sony digital cameras and camcorders.
They also sold these defective CCD sensors to other camera manufacturers.

Most of these camera makers have announced that they will repair any such camera for free (regardless of the warranty situation).
They also have released a list of camera model numbers that may be affected.

This is not a recall.......they will only repair cameras that are showing the symptoms of failure.

Here is a link to a site that has tracked this problem from the start:


Go there for all the details.