It all seems to be a setup issue

by bastokyg - 9/23/08 4:02 PM

In Reply to: Harman Kardon HS200 by yu_zhi_ye

In my case, HK tech support indicated to me that using the OSD setup is a requirement, not an option when using a connection other than HDMI, which is the factory setting. My components use component video rather than HDMI, so I have to tell the receiver that I'm assigning a different connection to that particular input, so it will output the correct signal.

What I decided to do was to use the HK for audio only and I've connected my video output directly to the TV, by-passing another hookup (the more connections, the more the signal has a potential to degrade). This works fine and the sound is incredible compared to my Denon.

My complaint to HK is that it seems counter-intuitive to be going in the opposite direction as everything else. What was once plug and play, stereo receivers, requires a setup task, and what once required complex setup, computers, are now (and have been for a while if you're a Mac user) plug and play. I had assumed that the OSD was an option that I didn't have to mess with. I'm sure HK had a good reason for doing this, I personally don't care for it.

I'm finding that the remote isn't very intuitive -- I had to access the manual to figure out how to change bass and treble settings, which requires that one have a fairly fast response time or it resets (maybe it's geared toward a younger generation, people who grew up exercising their thumbs on cell phone keys?) -- press this button then press this other button really quickly.

I guess the main thing is that the sound is great. I'm hearing stuff on old LPs that I didn't know was there, and with just stereo speakers, it's pretty amazing.