Harman Kardon HS200

by yu_zhi_ye - 9/23/08 1:50 PM

In Reply to: Kardon AVR 146 - No video signal with HDMI by savalsy

Hi guys,

I had the same problem with our HK. I saw all of you had the same "strange" experience. so I said to myself, it is too strange for a lovely/modern piece lik HK. Guess what, I tried all the buttons on my HK remote control, I have solved my "no signal display" problem for my HS200. You may try this to see if it helps. On the remote control, there is a button "output" on the right "Format", you need to first press "output", then press "format", on the receiver display, there should be a mini "HDMI" word appears on the screen, then if you put a DVD in, it should play the video (obviously you need to choose the correspondant source - i.e mine is "video", some of you could have been AUX. Well, it worked for me. Please try, I hope you guys don't need to exchange it anymore. Linda