Erratic Cursor

by uafnanook2001 - 7/20/08 6:20 PM

In Reply to: Erratic Cursor when using touchpad by huntlp

I, too, purchased a Dell Inspiron 1525 in May 2008. Within the 3rd or 4th time I used it, I had touchpad problems. In fact, I worked with Dell Tech Support and they thought they were going to have to replace mine. But, then it at least began working again. But, to this day, my cursor, every hour, at least, "goes wild" and has a mind of it's own. I have changed all the settings, all to no avail. Why does Dell allow this to keep happening? I paid $3000 for this computer and now it's unusable when you can't control the cursor with the touchpad! I'll not be buying another Dell or telling anybody I know to buy one!