GPS Software questions for Pocket PC

by rnes1961 - 7/4/08 1:05 PM

In Reply to: A few answers... by John.Wilkinson Moderator

Thanks for your response. I do not think that the four hour battery life would be too much of a problem. My walks normally do not last more than about 3 or so. In the car I have a charger, so its not a problem there. I am hesitant to get a stand alone GPS. I just got this pocket PC so I could get rid of my Palm, Cell Phone, MP3 player and Pager (yes I still had a pager). I went from four devices down to one, I would hate to start collecting more electronic devices again.

Bobs answer made me think a little about performance. Do you know how the different products compare performance wise? It sounds like Bob thinks that Delorme (about the cheapest around) is sluggish, what about CoPilot, Garmin, TomTom, and one I just ran across called "Fugawi Global Navigator"?