Playback Problem Solution

by keyhano - 6/28/08 12:58 PM

In Reply to: Sony Handycam DCR-TRV260 Playback Problem by ORUTerry

I used a Sony dcr trv 260 to record a Bride's wedding recently. When it came time to playback the whole video, the tape kept pausing and playing. It was very choppy in picture and sound. I tried cleaning it, that didn't work. Blew into it to maybe clear out dust, that didn't work. Fully charged the battery, that didn't work. Played other tapes in it, that didn't work. Frustrated I got online to read a "million" posts for help. Nothing helped. I was dying. When she got back from her honeymoon she simply said, "try hitting it or shake it hard." One hard hit while the tape was playing and the tape played beautifully. I hate posting this but if this 'bit of info' helps one single person in their frustration then so be it. I myself would have NEVER hit the camera.