What is going on with you ignorant fools?

by organik_1 - 6/28/08 1:01 AM

In Reply to: Unbelievable. by Andy77e

Bush never won a presidential election legitimately. Not in 2000, not in 2004. Believe it. I am 100% sure of it. Bush was and is the corporate president, elected by the corporate election machine (e-voting), to do the will of the corporations (endless Military Industrial Complex profit via Afghanistan and Iraq, also money for big oil via the same two). Also, there is no so called "free market". Not in this country, not in any, because to have a free market you need real competition, and real competition is dependent on having real media reporting news. Since corporate owned media reports the news, it is slanted to represent the wishes of its corporate masters, therefore, no free market. It takes little more than a grade school education to understand this, and yet day in day out these blathering fools afraid of "big government" chime in about taxes and various other subjects they know little to nothing about. The US goverment for the most part is full of well meaning people that are bought and sold by the corporations, so they can be "elected" next time to feed their families. Don't think in terms of "big government". Think in terms of absolute power. Who has the most, and what do they want next? That would be multi-national corporations, hands down. The "owners" of all of us. In honor of the late great George Carlin, I say wake the **** up people, before it's too late. It's no coincidence that an oil man became president, and gas prices shot through the roof.