by It starts from the top - 6/24/08 5:59 PM

In Reply to: Where do these people come from? by Andy77e

When someone accuses someone of being a communist they usually work for the government. My friend is a cop and loves to do just that. Either works for the gov or is an idiot Republican that loves to swing on Rush Limbaughs nut sack1
Is that true? You must have a lobbyist in your back pocket too right?

Talking down to innocent citizens that only want a choice for a car that is credible in getting better gas mileage. Pathetic. Anyways you made absolutely no sense but to yourself trying to talk to people like they're sheep. You'll see.

When the Bush Family has a representative from the Bin Laden family coming to regular family barbques I think there is a problem. Especially when the whole family gets to leave the country immediately after 9/11 without being questioned at all. Like, where the "F" is Osama? Before Bin Laden's name was even mentioned over broadcast! The police state will be next, that is if their total slavery plan doesn't pan out. They're all in bed together too, I'm no democrat. It's just like Alex Jones says, it's been out there in the open before him. All of our wars for the past 100 years have been for false reasons, it is only to get our econmy moving and for them to start doing things to direct our attention from what is really going on. The chip is next