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by MarkFlax Moderator - 6/22/08 3:18 AM

In Reply to: I can't edit this Microsoft Word Doc! by sharmaine73

Cannot select text or edit doesn't tell us much. What happens when you attempt to do so?

What type of computer, which Operating System do you have and what version of Word? Is this document "Read only"? Where did it come from?

Some things to try;

1] With Word closed, search your computer for all instances of, and delete the one in;
C:\Documents and Settings\{Username}\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates where {Username} is your account name if you are using Windows XP. is a template for Word that holds all formatting for Word documents. If it gets corrupted odd things can happen. The template is re-created the next time you open Word.

2] Open this document in Word and re-save it either under a different name or to a different location. Close Word down, re-open it and work on the copy.

3] Try the document on another computer.

4] Does this happen to all Word documents?