Confirmed tests

by Alanra - 6/14/08 3:46 PM

In Reply to: Do Registry Cleaners Really Work?????? by J4R3D

On 06/14/2008, I installed Max Registry Cleaner, a 5 star rated reg cleaner software. I scanned and found 9655 errors in my registry, this was the Full scan. Then I installed Uniblue Registry Booster 2, another highly rated piece (ever notice all these types of programs are 'highly rated'?). Uniblue found 1566 errors. I could not find a full or custom scan setting anywhere. I went ahead and purchased Max (30 bucks) and performed the clean-up.
I run Windows XP Pro on a Dell 8300 motherboard with a 3.4 GHz Pentium with 3 gigs of RAM. It has been about 3 years since my last reformat and reinstall of windows. So my windows reg should be pretty messy. I have Diskeeper running all the time, so defrag is constantly on standby, running when needed.
Prior to running any of these scans, I timed my computer from a reboot to startup. This was timed from the moment I saw the bios loading until a specific splash screen came up for a certain piece of software...all things being equal, this remained quite constant (within 2-3 seconds) for the same amount of time. (Easier to note this at that point as how do you ever tell when windows is fully booted?) I timed it twice: 1 minute 18 seconds (1'18") and (1'19"). Yeah I know, slow sucker for what I have...must be time to reformat and dump all the garbage
After Max cleaned my reg, my boot time went to 1'14" then 1'22" then 1'17". I timed it three times to be sure. Hmmm, not really any better. Then I ran the reg defrag that Max has, reboot time went to 1'15" and 1'23".
Needless to say I saw where this was going. By the way after I did the clean up and reg defrag, I reran the full scan, it found 8 more errors. But then I reran Uniblue, it still found 432 errors...LOL!!
Lastly, I installed RegCure, that one found 862 errors. Max Registry Cleaner and RegCure did have update features that I did use, both programs were the latest versions. Uniblue did not have an update feature that I could find. Also after I had purchased Max, I discovered that it has a one year subscription...
I did not try CCleaner yet...but I am suspicious that any of these really speed up your computer. Maybe if your computer is really old. Or maybe if you are really having registry error problems. I was not having any errors at all. I conducted this test to verify for myself the claims. Hope this helps, would like to hear if anyone else was as anal as me to sit and time the difference these programs may have made on their '