Can't play 1080p games in 1080p resolution

by QuakePlayer - 5/8/08 6:47 AM

In Reply to: Does not work by chris12334

When i go to the XMB Settings/Display Settings/Video Output Settings/Select a setting method/Custom option, then 480p option is ALWAYS selected. I can't change it. Then I tried to select only the 1080p option and move on to the right but the screen goes blank and comes back to the "Select All Resolutions tha are supported by your TV" screen. Same happens if i select 1080p and hit the square button to test the resolution. If I select the 720p and 1080i resolutions everything works just fine. Another note: when I play some blu-ray movie, the screen resolution automatically goes to 1080/24p, which is a resolution Sony Bravia TVs provide for watching movies. My TV set is a Sony Bravia 46 FullHD (KLV46W300A). My PS3 software was updated to version 2.30.