New Sony Odor

I had the same problem and it is fine now. Here is a response I
received from Sony:

"Thank you for contacting Sony Support.

We are really sorry for the confusion. However, new televisions may produce an unusual smell or odor when first turned on. Due to the manufacturing process of components, televisions and other electronic products can have parts with plastic coatings that may produce a smell after the product is first turned on and warms up. The smell will usually dissipate within a few hours of use and does not return. This is normal and occurs with many electronic products.

NOTE: If the smell continues to linger even after the television has been turned off, ensure there is sufficient ventilation in the room and the odor will dissipate.

However, if you wish to discuss this issue further, please contact our telephone support staff who will be happy to provide further diagnosis and assistance at: (800) 222-7669 or (239) 768-7669 Intl.

Thank you for choosing Sony."