It's not only Sony

I just received my brand new Samsung 46' LCD. I proceeded to open the box and I almost fainted. The smell of burnt plastic hit me on the face so hard that I choked for a second. What I'm trying to say is that the smell is not unique to Sony. I placed mine in the Family Room, opened all the windows and aired the unit for a while albeit did not help. I called Electronics Export (bought it on line) and asked if this was a frequent complaint, they never heard of any thing like this.
My biggest concerned is that the smell could be toxic to our health.

I'm reluctant to call for service since according to this thread it has been said to be normal. I hate for a technician to mess with a brand new unit if I can help it.
Has anyone been able to get a clear answer on the reason for the smell? Has the smell finally gone away for anyone of you, and if yes what did you do?