Yes, I've bought an extended warranty online

Two months ago I bought a Sony 1080p HDTV. I researched extensively before buying the TV. CNET gave this model a GREAT review, listing it as #2 in the 2007 Top 10 HDTV list.

Another place I researched was on AVSforum. Besides confirming it was a great TV, the forum members also heavily recommended the "Mack" extended warranty by Tapeworks. The company has been in business for over 60 years, originally offering warranties for cameras. The now offer warranties for all sorts of electronic equipment.

The warranty I bought online extends the Sony manufacturer's warranty by 3 years, making the total warranty 4 years. If you buy a rear-projection TV that needs a bulb replacement, it also covers bulb replacement for 3 years.

It was MUCH less expensive than the extended warranties the stores offer, of course. Mack offers the warranties on a sliding scale based on the price you paid for the TV (not including tax). Since the base price of my TV was $1698, I paid $200 for this extended warranty.

The members of AVSforum only have good things to say about this company, so I was reassured this is a reputable company. Knowing Murphy's Law, haaving the extended warranty makes it much more likely I will never need to use it. happy So, good insurance.