I found one that has treated me right.

I used to buy the extended warranties whenever I bought a big ticket item. A new computer or TV or DVR etc. I recently found a company called Squaretrade on line. They sell nothing but these warranties and it doesn't matter if you buy from a store or auction (E-Bay) or private person. The price is about 1/4 of the one at the store depending on the sale price. I tried this company with 3 TiVo's DVD Recorders that I bought on e-bay as gifts. With larger items Washer, Big TV, Refridgerator when you have a problem they send out a local repairman. When there was a problem with one of the DVD recorders they sent me an e-mail with a shipping label which I printed out boxed it called UPS they came and got it 4 days later I got an e-mail saying it was too expensive to repair so they immediatly refunded my full purchase price into my account. I was very pleased and you can get the warrentee on anything you bought at a store within the last 6 months. I will never pay full store price again. Check it out at squaretrade.com and get a free quote. Good luck. Eddie