I have read reviews on some online warranties. Some of these companies exist solely as extended warranty providers. If you find them reputable, then go with it. But they exist for profit, so don't get sucked in to one that is no good.

Make sure you check out that specific company on warranty response with actual customer reviews.

The online warranties work the same as the ones you buy from the store. In most cases, the manufacturer's standard warranty requires you pay for shipping and send it back to them. They also only cover manufacturing defects for a short time, usually no longer than 1yr and sometimes only for 60 days.

But with extended warranties you are generally allowed to take the machine into a local repair shop so you know where it is. That is the thing you have to watch out for. They may not allow this and they may not have an authorized service center near you.

Check into those things and buy the plan. It's just like insurance, if the TV breaks, your in the hole for whatever you paid unless you have coverage.