Jeep stalls

by Cat5 Cane - 2/27/08 7:37 AM

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To all... Per my above post
In my attempt to help and giving # blogs to read for different solutions... It does not work, as the numbers shift or rotate down when someone else comes in and post a connecting blog to another post before it!!! So, I guess your going to have to read all blogs to get some solutions.

Easier way to save blogs that concern you is to Copy and Paste in word, then go back later and make check list.

1)diagnostics= circuit fault ignition = crank shaft position sensor.
2) PCM and ECU and ECM is the same... Power Circuit Module

Just a thought...I don't know if shortening the screws at the PCM is the true answer as disconnecting the battery erases the memory and the car may run good for awhile, as it is learning/diagnosing again before problem returns. Another point is that when you remove plugs and reinsert back into PCM, you are making a new and better contact to the PCM and that might be some of the answers for some people. all I know is that the screw solution didn't work for me after a couple of days.