Jeep stalls

thought I would add my last post... To hot or cold - New!
by Cat5 Cane - 2/26/08 4:53 PM
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To bring you up to date...

Changed the Catalytic converter

Went to auto zone ... used free diagnostics test, says 02 sensor...Replaced 02 sensor with aftermarket part and had a neighbor mechanic help me.

problem persists
(Note later: went to old jeep mechanic(friend of mine)says I should have bought Jeeps original part, as Jeeps are electrically dependent on proper parts and aftermarket sucks), then replaced number 1 sensor by same mechanic w/jeep originals... cost $140.

problem persists, back to auto zone and diagnostic now says, p0351... PCM malfunction exists in primary or secondary elect circuits for ignition coil of 4 solutions.
1)replace coil.
2)replace plugs ,wires, cap, rotor.
3)Poor elect connection or circuit fault.... Where is this???
4)Circuit fault ignition module or PCM or ECU (Same).

Took the least expensive and replaced #1 and 2.

problem persists
Did the screws (cutting them to 3/8) and reinserted per you, worked ok for a day or two.

Problem persists
Note... Each time the problem would come back but when running, it is greater then ever. Still have sporadic malfunctions... attempted to check and clean relays and fuses and again... seem to run better but the problem came back.

Went back to Auto Zone reading now says... P033? ...Crank shaft sensor. Friend Mechanic suggested to clean off grease around the sensor before replacing, saying built up grease holds heat and would give me false reading.
SOOO did that and still missing and wants to stall every now a again.... hot or cold.

Down to replacing the Crank shaft sensor but waiting for the Money Tree to sprout!

After that, I guess PCM or circuit fault ignition module, where ever that is?

2 other issues bother me ...
One... someone once said that they had a leak from the engine manifold or exhaust manifold ? I too have a leak and can smell and hear fumes from the leak at the engine... would this also have a shut down reaction to the sensors if not reading proper air/gas ratio?

Two... My door security lock started giving me problems and have read that shut down will happen if messed up... lock system works but will not shift (drivers) door lever to lock position when using key module pad or automatically shift to lock position when driving.
To secure it, I must use the pad to lock other locks and manually shift lever to lock on drivers door side.

Master note... each time I went back for diagnostic check, it gave me something different!

If ever fix it, I will return with the answer to help some other fool, like me...

Any suggestion beyond this, to please inform me.

To all other, I hope this helps.
PS... You would think, with all of the people who are having problems, that Jeep to save their reputation would put out a notice on how to fix this ongoing problem!