The DVD61There are a few things confusing about your post...

by boya84 - 2/22/08 6:23 AM

In Reply to: Im so confused with my Sony DCR-DVD610 by JBanks88

1) It is a DVD storage camcorder... not a "hard drive deal".

2) Since it stores video to DVDs, it needs DVDs to store video - sorry, I can't figure out a way to put this... Hence, no DVD, no video capture. It was never advertised to be a "hybrid" to capture video to DVD or memory card. If the salesman told you that, then you should return it for a full refund as it was misrepresented.

3) The memory stick is for stills - that is how that camcorder was designed. See "#2 - returning the camcorder", above...

4) DVD based camcorders provide the worst available quality. Next best are hard drive and some flash memory camcorders - and best video quality comes from miniDV tape based camcorders.

All Consumer camcorders are "simple" and make short videos. Whether they can stand your hiking trips is up to you - they are pretty sophisticate pieces of electronics, and rough handling is not normally advised.

I would suggest something like a Canon ZR800. It is miniDV tape based, and if you break the camcorder, it is cheap to replace.