Great Lobby for Oil

by FredMars - 2/22/08 12:35 AM

In Reply to: Apparently you are a thinker... by rjlevin

Truth is electric is the most efficient power for transportation, and that is why it drives locomotives. It problem is in the generation of the electric. For Hybrid vehicle to be most energy efficient, the internal combustion engine needs to be reduced to that of the power generator, but only when there is not sufficient energy in storage or alternative generation sources.

Small vertical wind turbines can be placed along busy highways, where there is always sufficient turbulence to provide energy. In addition to providing the necessary energy for lights and signs, they can also provide plug in rechargers at rest areas. And since we are are a capitalist nation, the state can charge a fee as a toll for highway/electric use.

Regardless of where oil is obtained, the price of oil is going to stay high and the price for a gallon or liter of fuel is going to rise. Increasing demands in China and India will keep prices high as the market will bear, so it remains in our best economic interests to seek and employ new technology to remove our dependence on oil and oil products as the main resources for transportation and electric power.

Electric vehicles were pushed out of the mainstream twice. The first time was by Henry Ford and a blue collar priced auto than ran on gasoline. Then later with GM and the EV1 which is debated as to who really killed the electric car then. Both Ford and Toyota were readying for mass market electric.

Because the fuel to generate electric was always abundant and cheap, so was the price of electricity. Inefficiency in the grid was negligible because the volume of consumers and the demand was still profitable. But as the price for fuel rose, so did the cost get passed on to the customer.So you are right, our oil demand does not make transportation an exclusive consumer of fuels. There is research and development to make more efficient power transmission devices, but the cost of fuels is what power utilities will justify as to why they cannot afford to purchase these new devices.

Electric drive, electric cooling and heating as well as power steering and brakes all electric. Batteries, capacitors, electric generators and motors for power train and accessories. Solar and wind, regenerative braking, and small fuel engines to power generator(s) when everything else is still not enough.