Thanks for the CNet link, check my review

by Willy - 2/15/08 6:40 PM

In Reply to: re: OBD II the must have scanner tool for... by wcunning CNET staff

Strange, that Actron model CP9125 was considered by me, but i opted for the better model CP9180.

My review on the CP9180: Well, it started pretty bad. The sealed box it came in looked great but upon opening found the CD missing. Everything else was there. After getting a new 9V battery to try the CP9180, it didn't work. Maybe, the battery was dead, plugged into the OBD II port, the display came on real bright, but no menu or any text. After several basic checks, I concluded it was deader than a doorknob, emailed Actron with my dismay. Next day, return to store and got a replacement, it TOO! had a missing CD, but at least it worked. Called Actron support, got order for replacement CD. OBD II testing was OK, compared to my much older OBD I?(Ford) which got lost or walked away. It helped reset the error and reported no further errors on the drive home using real time diags. Well, at least this OBD II can test various vehicles which means I'll get called to come visit with scanner. sad -----Willy