HD signal

by a300cow - 2/6/08 9:25 AM

In Reply to: Tv by gretzkyv99

I disagree. I set my Sony to lower than vivid settings and the pixelation still causes an out of focus picture from a distance. A plasma or lcd hides it well but still does not have the HD detail it should have. The Comcast techs could clearly see the problem from their office on a 15 inch Panasonic lcd. In 2006 my Sony could be set on vivid with a WOW effect...true hd with no pixelation. I now have a Sony 55A2020 and the only fault this set has is the ability to show 6.2 million pixels and thereby show a corrupted signal that much easier. Turning off CineMotion, Adv Iris or decreasing sharpness is of no help. Something happened to the main signal feeds between the end of 06 and the beginning of 07. Comcast, Direct TV and all the rest are left to sell HD that is nowhere near 1080 quality.