Corrupted HD signal

I have been dealing with this pixelation problem since Feb 07 and after having my HD set replaced and then dealing with Comcast for 6 months I then switched to Direct TV only to find that Comcast was telling the truth. Comcast acknowledged that it was a problem and could not believe that so few people were complaining about it. They gave me a video credit back to Feb 07 but said they could not do anymore for me because it was not in the cable system but the incoming feed to them. My conclusion...everything is routed through satellites and I believe there is too much being compressed as they are required to also transmit analog signals until Feb 09. For those of you who did not have an HDTV until after 06 you would not know what true HD is supposed to look like. You will not read about this in the news paper as it would slow down HDTV sales.