re:interested in honest debate.

by dsq111 - 2/5/08 8:30 AM

In Reply to: Oops by Andy77e

"Lastly, this planets most extreme climates are well into its past, before mankind drove Explorers. Why did North America thaw out naturally 10,000 years ago, but todays 1/2 degree over 100 years happened because of the United States? Because it empowers and employs those who say so? Not a conspiracy, but if your in the climate buisness, fear empowers more than piece of mind. I think its a character flaw that is in all of us. We just seem to believe the worst quickly, and in some cases, seek out bad news. I see alot of "Mega Disasters" on Discovery Channel or National Geographic, because how interesting is a show called "everything apears normal"?

I think many of us just need to "chill"....have calm and honest discussions. Theres no good reason to panic, and entertain perinoia."

If you want honest discussions you should start by not being dishonest by posting such distorted,unsubstantiated and easily refuted opinion and claims yourself.It is tiresome to hear the luddite arguing in an age of science and reason where such nonsense is easily invalidated yet the ignorance continues.Such is the human spirit.

It is a scientific fact that the carbon and greenhouse gases released in the last 150 yrs( the dawn of the burning of fossil fuels) is unprecedented in the planets history.It is also directly correlated to our burning/use of fossil fuels..The melting of ice caps directly coincides with the warming up trend of the last 150 yrs.The planet has warmed by about 1-2 degrees not 1/2.This is as significant as equating how well you feel when your body temp is 1-2 degrees over 98.6 degrees-also known as a fever and were you dont feel too comfortable do you?
The consequences of this are climate change coming from the warming of our oceans and how that changes ocean currents such as the gulf stream that effect all weather patterns from which our living existence is due.