You might try ...

by Edward ODaniel - 2/4/08 8:28 PM

In Reply to: tried that by MBallentine33

downloading the venerable old Windows File Manager which was still available in NT 4.0.

It doesn't handle right click context menus but all the usual selections for managing files and folders are available in the menu bar. For Windows XP Home File Manager has an additional benefit - it has a security menu that allows you (logged on with Admin account) to set permissions, take ownership etc. without having to go into Safe Mode and log in as ADMINISTRATOR.

Kelly's Corner used to have it available for download but the link appears broken. You can still get the 32 bit file manager executable (winfile.exe) from Windows NT 4.0 which works well with XP. It's contained in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6a (sp6i386.exe -- 34 meg), which can be downloaded for free at Microsoft.

Once you have downloaded the NT 4 Service Pack, make sure it is to a location that is either in your path or that you can navigate to from a command prompt because you DO NOT want to double click the file! Open a command prompt, navigate to the directory containing the file and enter the command sp6i386.exe /X . This is necessary in order to extract the files in the service pack rather than to install the service pack and will open a Window prompting you to enter a directory where to extract all files of the Service Pack without installing them. When you are done extracting the files, copy winfile.exe to a working directory.

If that is too complicated you can get it from here: Tells all about it. Is a direct link to the installation executable. I did verify that the WINFILE.ORI (located within the zipped file within the executable fmnt.exe) is the same size and MD5 sum as the Winfile.exe on my NT4 Installation CD.