this is my procedure...take note

by scorpion81a - 2/2/08 8:40 PM

In Reply to: nyko intercooler by tteister

is a little drastic and rude.
1. take the cooler, open it with a screwdriver, later, with a instrument (like a saw or equivalent) "cut" the segment corresponding at the energy socket, leaving intact the fans and the case of them, and of course, the cable(s)
2. each fan has 2 cables, 6 in total, arrange in two group of three (depending the colour/polarity) making 2 groups....
3. conect, looking at the polarity, at one AC/DC transformer 12V minimun 500mAh (i recomend 1200mAh, is big, but reliable) each group of cables of the fans.
4. close the cooler with the screwdiver. Seal the conection between cables with a special tape (we dont want shortcuts here)
5. verify the polarity in the AC/Dc transformer until the coolers spin. The more output power is, the more power of spining and ventilation the cooler will show.
6. attach the cooler at the console at the same original place, of course, there will be the space for the origial energy cable, with a direct conection at the 360.

Someone can say this is rude, but i prefer performance and security (cool console) rather than style (originally the coolers "steal" energy at the console, giving chance of the 3 red lights, i figured out that). An external and INDEPENDENT source of energy dont affect the 360 energy imput.

I use el cooler conected at AC/DC transformer (and this conected at the socket wall) at 12V and 1200mAh.
a bad thing: since this adjust make the cooler spin and cool the console like the gods, is making some noise (like a chooper hahaha). I dont care, i use big earphones.

Hope this may be useful for you.

William, from Venezuela. (excuse my english)