Use the NYKO other way, of course

by scorpion81a - 2/2/08 10:44 AM

In Reply to: xbox 360 overheating issue by tteister

First of all, excuse my english, i am from Venezuela.
I am a ruthless player, playing for hours without resting. I bought the NYKO cooler and used it, but 2 weeks later my console got the 3 red lights problem (the first time!!!)then i removed the intercooler, and the 3 lights gone. But was still remaining the problem of overheating....simple. Since i realized the cooler was the cause of the 3 red lights I remove the conection with the 360 making and external and separated source of energy with a trnasformer of 12V and 1200mAh, of course, with this power the cooler worked much more powerfull and useful to the console, and overheathing, goodbye. The good thing in that you dont need to make anything at the console, only modify the cooler for better performance.

I actualy play without red lights and without overheathing. Plus, a put the 360 in a dock with only 4 points of support, thus the air may circulate below the console.