Reply-First Do No Harm

by helene_okc - 1/22/08 6:17 PM

In Reply to: First, Do No Harm by jplutchok

Thank you, spent some time in PC Advisor, reading "75 ways to Make your PC Like new"...Anyhow they talaked about registry cleaners, and other System Resource tools. I too as others, was wondering if one was any better than the other. I have been running Registry Genuis, with no problems. Today I downloaded free, CCleaner, through PC Advisor.I did try to download it through www.Piriform.ccleaner, but it did not download. What I have read, may work better than what I have already used, plus has some added features, as you already mentioned. I also apprciate you mentioning that I can use 2, it can't hurt. Thank you Helene