that's one hell of a blowout.

With the dash and everything else going out all at once, there's only a few things that can be causing them.

1.The computer probably fried one of the controlling chips or the fuse that supplies the cpu is blown. If the fuse is good, that would require you to replace the computer. That's expensive just to buy it, let alone installation charges. Don't remove/install the computer unless you know what you're doing.

2.First, check both fuse boxes. One under the hood and the other under the steering column, on the left. There may be a small fuse box in the glove compartment as well.
Use pliers because you'll want to check all the fuses. With a major electrical fault, you want to know everything that blew. It may be one thing, maybe the fuse that supplies/protects the computer, or it could have blown 5 other little ones. Either way, they tell you where the fault is.

3.Ignition switch broken/dirty. These can be pricey as well but they are the least likely of the three. This has the same effect of one or more blown fuses or relays but it's in one location. If you suspect this, have an electrically inclined person take a look.
If you find a blown fuse or faulty relay, replace it once with one of the proper rating. If it blows again, there's a ligitimate problem and it's not going away. You'll have to find it upstream or downstream. You can't just replace a fuse or relay over and over again, or you'll just end up doing more work and spending more money because other things will blow out too.