Can't Print One Specific Word File

by h_blits - 1/8/08 9:27 AM

In Reply to: I agree about email attachments. by MarkFlax Moderator

She doesn't get an error message...She clicks on the print panel...gets that up OK...When she clicks OK to start the print process..nothing happens after that...Curiously...I tried to print it on my Windows machine and had the same problem...and it was only with that word other word files had that problem...just that one file...I'm wondering if there is something corrupt in that file to prevent it from printing...It does print on my MAC there may be some issue with the Mac to Windows crossover...I have MAC Microsoft Office 2004 and she has Windows Microsoft Office 2003...There shouldn't be any problems because I always send her stuff from my MAC to her Windows and she is able to open the file and print it with no problems...Just this one file.