by John.Wilkinson Moderator - 1/6/08 8:57 PM

In Reply to: Do Registry Cleaners Really Work?????? by J4R3D

Registry cleaners work by searching for potentially obsolete entries. They don't necessarily, or usually, constitute errors, per se, and cleaning them up doesn't offer any real performance increase on modern systems. Now and then they'll help by removing old entries that are preventing the associated program from being reinstalled or causing erroneous behavior, but they're also prone to removing valid entries that can cause programs, and even Windows, not to work. Thus, it's a mixed bag, and I'd never pay for a registry cleaner. Instead, I run RegSeeker (freeware) every once in a while, which is comparable to many of the paid cleaners. None of them catch everything, but it's actually better to err on the side of caution than maximize the removal of keys and end up causing a problem instead of solving one.