canon optura 20

by shnoorani - 12/31/07 4:41 PM

In Reply to: I have the exact problem!!! by sd-sd

i too have the same problem. it essentially means that either shutter is stuck at a slower speed, or there is something wrong with auto exposure meter. like many other, i too have bought this camera to make video of our child and to record how he grows. we shoot for no more than 5-10 minutes once in 2-3 months, so it has not seen much use at all and yet it has this funny or rather sad problem. i doubt it is certainly a manufacturing defect and i am sure canon must know about it from hundreds of cameras they already repaired, but i seriously doubt it is they will have an official recall.

i did tried playing the camera on play mode and watch something on the monitor for 5-6 minutes. when i went back on shooting mode, it is now working fine. i am sure it is a temporary fix and it will act up again, but at least it is working right now.