URGENT - Still Can't Find PCM screw locations

by ljulian - 12/31/07 4:11 AM

In Reply to: PCM screw locations by 1996Jeep GC

Hi All you Lucky people,

I have read this forum twice over again because I have the same stalling problem -- exactly as described -- with my 2002 Jeep GC Laredo (90K+ miles). Right now I am in an urgent situation. The urgency is this -- it was towed to the Jeep dealership on Saturday and I don't want, nor can afford them to look at it and say I need a new PCM board.
My friend and I followed the directions to the letter:
removed the coolant container
removed Battery ground wire
removed the Grey, White, Black PCM connectors (in that order, left to right)
Cannot see any screws below the outer connectors. Can find only one hard to reach possibly T25 head which is below and to the left of the Grey connector. Can't get to it.
Please help me locate the screws for my 2002 JGC. It seems to be so worth trying.
thanks all,