I'll apologize then. I tend to get passionate about the truth, especially when I hear lies.

However, I disagree with you. It was not polite at all.

"The entire Bush and Cheney families have long been connected to Big Oil, and that is whom got them elected in the first place"

This is left wing bull, and is not polite. If you do not want to talk about politics, don't bring it up. Because the moment you do, someone is going to bring the counter argument. Just as I have done. It's amazing to me that Americans can bring up a topic, have someone respond to it, and then claim they "hijacked" the thread. Only in America.

BTW, the reason I never talked about old high mileage cars is because it's old news to me. Everyone *should* already know about the Ford Festiva, Honda 600, Honda CRX, VW Bugs. The reason car makers do not sell cars like this is because people don't want them. The reason they sell over-priced, over-hyped, barely worth noticing hybrids is because people choose to fork out the cash for them (for what reason, no one knows).