ok sorry I didnt do the math.

by gabereyes - 12/15/07 12:25 PM

In Reply to: Good info but still wrong :) by dgden

Math gives me a head ache.

Im not sure what causes the pixelation, It could be signal and/or TV processing, maybe it has something to do with digital all together.

Here is what I have seen, any TV that is 100% digital, meaning the signal passes all the way to the image in digital form, I can always see some type of pixelation this is mostly on LCD, DLP, and micro projections sets.

as for any phosphor based TV like CRT, Plasma, and CRT projo, I dont see it in most cases.
and on my HD CRT tv I almost never see any pixalation, I would try getting an DVE calibration disc, and go through the moving test paterns to see if you get any pixelation, that should answer this tuff question.

I once heard that most phospher based TV's turn the digital HD signal back to analog RGB internally before processing and displaying the image, if this is true this could be the answer, but I dont know how much of this is true or not.

but it makes sence, its like a reciever taking a dolby digital sound track and tranfering the digital to analog using a DAC, this works very well for sound, why not video too.

P.S. if you find out if its the TV or the Signal please let me know.