yep, it's the compression (and maybe the p's & i's)

by travinta - 12/15/07 10:13 AM

In Reply to: Pixellation by Dr. Planarian

In my local market (Denver), the NBC affiliate splits its signal to allow for their "NBC Weather Plus" channel. No big deal for most broadcasts, but for football I get lots of pixellation. Switch over to Fox or CBS or ESPN: little to no pixellation.

Fox seems to have the best signal for sports, which I attribute to 720p broadcast signal -- is it accurate to say that 720 has less info (as far as lines of resolution) but displayed more completely (720 "new" lines at a time vs. only 540 with 1080i)? -- I remember reading somewhere that 720p was superior to 1080i in broadcast signals due to the bandwidth limitations with broadcast TV.

But I only have a Sony rear-projection 3-LCD (not even an XBR), but who can beat it when your wife wins it on a grocery store scratch ticket, eh? Hard for me to complain about the occasional pixel box!