Reply to Signal or TV

It seems pretty clear from the responses so far that no one knows what causes your problem with pixelation. Each person seems to have his or her own opinions and experiences. Well ..... I will add mine.

I have cable HD in an apartment I live in. I was experiencing pixelation, and sometimes sound interference along with it.

At first, the cable folks said it was my TV. (Did we expect anything else?) After they sent two sets of repair folks out, they finally decided to test the signal coming into my apartment. They found out that the signal was, in fact, not as strong as it should be on the HD channels.

After some thought and experimenting, I suggested that the signal coming into the apartment building (150+ units) might be split too many times (and maybe needlessly so) before it reached my apartment (on the top floor). They checked the efficiency in their use of splitters, did some rewiring, and now I get HD with no pixelation.

My comments may not be applicable to your situation at all, but one more thought among the many might just be the one you need.