Good info but still wrong :)

There was this really good post (too bad I didn't bookmark it) about the whole 120Hz and response times, but I understood. Here's a quote from the PDF you sent:

Many of today's larger LCD screens spec out at respose times that sometimes exceed 25ms - long enough to smear motion. Any response longer than 16 2/3 ms will smear TV's 60 fields-per-second video.

This only proves that response times of current LCDs are sufficient for the video signal and the math is consistent with the post I read. So 8ms response time is way plenty for a 60Hz refresh rate, actually twice faster than the required minimum of 16 2/3.

For 120Hz the required time would half of that which is 16.66666/2 is approx 8.33 which comes very close to the 8ms response time but is still sufficient.

So your argument is incorrect. And by the way, plasmas do suffer from phosphor lag, which has been reported by many video gamers. But let's not get into the whole Plasma VS LCD. I am just intersted in the pixelation side of things.

By the way, pixelation is not the same as motion blur.