pixelizingscreen door effect,stair stepping,blocking

by dinox64 - 12/12/07 5:54 PM

In Reply to: Screen door effect is a different thing... by dgden

I have a Plasma and never once had that problem. Of everything I read and have read,never came across that happening on Plasmas. Now at work today, I did hear some guys talking about how Tv's today have built in boosters to bump up the low signals they receive,and that it sometimes gets shot back to the box and shows as noise on the screen. But that has nothing to do with the pixelating you're seen. That is the technology that goes with LCD and manufacturers can't get the refresh rate fast enough to correct it. They may sometime soon. It's just like the problems associated with Plasma when it first came out. Now burn in, too hot, bright rooms and short life are no longer factors. But it never had a pixelating problem,it's always been smooth and soft on the edges of its image.