Screen door effect is a different thing...

by dgden - 12/12/07 2:51 PM

In Reply to: pixelation in HD by magilla414

Pixelation is sometimes referred to as blocking, I believe. Screen door effect is something entirely different and is present (really) only on rear projection HDTVs.

My brother owns a Rear Projection LCD and I have an LCD HDTV. Now I know what people are talking about exactly when they say screen door effect. It's a percieved texture of a rear projection LCD screen (maybe DLP as well) which makes it look like you're watching a TV through a barely visible mosquito net, because the space between pixels is more apperent than on other technologies.

It's not nearly as bad as some people see it but it is a matter of perception.

A good example of a pixelation, on the other hand, would be a low resolution DivX movie, where you see the image starts to look like a jigsaw puzzle in fast motion.

What I have seen on my HDTV, is no where near as pronounced as on a low quality digital video. What is important to me, however, is a clear understanding on whether this is a limitation of a television set or a problem with the signal quality.

If you're a streaming a video through internet connection and some packets are lost, you will likely experience blocking of the image until the stream quality is restored.

I have seen opinions on the web claiming that this is a limitation of the video compression combined with a signal quality while other claim it's the TV.

Is this is a signal quality issue, it's not a problem as it will be improved as the TV world moves towards digital and HDTV. If this is a TV problem and I will see the pixelation even when watching Blue Ray, well that really sucks.

Technical knowledge on this anyone?