Transfering data via backup on external hard drive.

by fcervinka - 11/13/07 6:54 PM

In Reply to: Applications by Dazzlewithmagic

I would like to transfer data from my new HP Pavilion a6030n using Vista Home Premium to my old Dell Dimention 8100 using ME by using most recent backup from the HP (on external hard drive). Both computers have USB-2 ports. If this is possible and practical, I would appreciate step by step instructions.

Would the Vista operating system and other programs be included in such a transfer? Or, would it be necessary to run the restore disks from the HP on the Dell?

My reason for making this transfer is to make use of the old computer for viewing photo slide shows (with music) with use of a digital projector. I use the HP in my home office and the Dell would be used in a separate rec room.
I might also want to use a TV tuner on the Dell and view programming with use of the projector. Any comments?